Postal address: PO Box 165, Bull Creek. 6149  Western Australia

Phone: [61+08] 9331 8818

City Wool Depot: shop 2, 6 Harrison Street, Willagee. West.Aust.





      $15 per kg   

      19 – 26 micron

fine, medium, strong crimp

soft handle, long staple

well skirted – no vegetable matter

corriedale, corriedale/MerinoX, merino, border Lec./MerinoX

colours are – black, brown, tan, coffee, beige, cream, natural white

greys – dark, light, mid grey

Washed fleece

For stuffing $30/kg [as available]

White only – BorderLec/MerinoX $45/kg

Superfine Merino [14/15 mic] $10/50g

                                                   [as available]


SUPERFINE  Merino GREASY  $10/100g

Promotional items.

· T Shirts [Australian Cotton] with black sheep print $25

                 [Sizes Available: XS, S, M, L, XL]

· Linen Tea Towel with black sheep print  $12

· Pens with Melanian Logo $1

· Calico Knitting bags $7

                 [with sheep print  “Ewe ram this full’o’wool]

· Handspun wool yarns and handknit garments [*]

Melanian Sheep can be any breed that has a brown or black colour pigment gene and has been grown by a member of

the Melanian Sheep Breeders Society of Australia in Western Australia

ie Corriedale, Corriedale/MerinoX BLM/MerinoX, Merino,  Superfine Merino. All our Melanian sheep are well cared

for and come from a variety of farms throughout Western Australia.

The fleece from a melanian sheep must be bred to Society standards. It should be sound,  good quality and well skirted.

Melanian sheep produce longwool fleece in a variety of shades - browns, tans, blacks, beige, cream, light, mid & dark grey The fleece can be a solid colour, patches or variegated.

After shearing, the  fleece is hand selected at the wool clip collection day for our tops,  yarn projects & fleece for the

city wool depot shelves.  Excess fleece is baled and transported from the farm to the city for auction.

The range of naturally coloured, Western Dream Yarns, Dreamee & Feathering Wool Tops are made exclusively from Western Australian Wool fleece grown by members of the Melanian Sheep Breeders Society of Australia and processed as chemical free as possible.

Dreamee tops & yarns in silver grey, moorit beige, natural white & charcoal black are available through

Bilby Yarns – The Wool Lady.




Producers of Naturally Coloured Wool and their associated products and services for over 35 years.

Promoting and educating through the operation of the Black Sheep Shop & Gallery.


We encourage the owning, breeding and growing of good quality, soft and lustrous Longwool.


 The Melanian Society and the Black sheep shop are committed to the promotion, production and the improvement of West Australian wool and the crafts it supports.

The Melanian Society proudly supporting West Australian Industry and Businesses